Our purpose is to fund the retirement of in-need Thoroughbreds. The charity we are asking you to support is TROTT USA. As fans of Zenyatta and all things Team Z, we originally associated to share experiences and fellowship about the sport of horseracing. We reached a point where we wanted to do something more, so we partnered with TROTT USA to fund the retirement of off-the-track Thoroughbreds, one horse at a time. Join with us and help make a difference you will be able to witness first-hand.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


NOTE:  If you have any problem with the Donate links, go directly to the TROTT - click here site and donate from there.  Put the notation in the "message" box that you are with Zenny's Tribe!

Lovey is one of the lucky horses in the TROTT program.
Donate to TROTT and identify yourself with ZENNY'S TRIBE!   Donate Now

If you forget to identify yourself with Zenny's Tribe, you can contact Bonnie at TROTT and ask that your donation be earmarked:  TROTTSoCal@gmail.com

All donations go to TROTT USA.  Be sure to indicate in the "message" box (after you enter the amount of your donation, hit enter to go to the next step) to earmark your donation is through Zenny's Tribe.  You will know exactly which horse your donation is helping, and you will be able to watch "your" horse throughout his/her retraining experience.  It takes $5,000 to fully fund the retirement of a Thoroughbred, so as soon as the goal is reached, the TROTT team will identify a suitable candidate for the program, who will become our "foster" horse. We may even be able to help choose "our" horse if there are several candidates.  Join with us and help make a difference you will be able to witness first-hand.

OUR PURPOSE -- to fund the retirement of in-need Thoroughbreds -- grew out of our desire to get more involved in the aftercare of our beloved Thoroughbred athletes. We started to notice horses that had fallen to the lowest claiming ranks level and that appeared to be at the end of their racing careers.  We began to wonder if there might be a way for several of us to join together, pool our resources, and adopt a horse, or help facilitate the transition of a Thoroughbred from the track to either another vocation that would fit his physical condition and his talents, or a forever home.

In pursuing this idea, we ran into all kinds of roadblocks, all kinds of red tape, and we found we are just not equipped to handle all of the immense responsibility it requires to personally manage the retirement of a Thoroughbred racehorse.  Not to mention, they have to eat (a lot), they have to be checked out by a vet to evaluate  them for their next career or to determine if they just need to go to a forever home.